About Kevin Goodchild


My enthusiasm, or maybe obsession, for photography truly started around 2001 after the birth of my eldest son William. I wanted to capture the early years of Williams life and subsequently my other children’s early years in a way that maybe mine wasn’t due to lost photographs or cost. I had also been a long admirer of photography via magazines, books and record covers that I bought and collected during my teenage years. Combining the two I challenged myself to take better photographs.

Firstly enrolling on a City and Guilds photography course at the Rochford adult education centre in Essex, the one year course was enormously valuable and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to gain a comprehensive background in photography.  I was awarded a distinction for my black and white portfolio and two merits for ‘starting photography’ and ‘colour’.

Secondly, reading books, websites and magazines, asking questions and above all taking photos and taking constructive criticism from others viewing them.

I am passionate about photography and still eager to learn at every opportunity, I treat each new photo opportunity with the same enthusiasm. I am inspired by a host of photographers, and my goal in photography is to gain the same instinct and creativity that made those photographers great.

I hope you enjoy the website.